NYPD Sergeant Suspended For Throwing Semen On Woman

A veteran NYPD sergeant has been suspended?though not arrested?after he allegedly flung semen onto the leg and shoe of a civilian employee at the police headquarters. The incident happened in January, but police have only just now gotten a warrant for the officer’s DNA to prove it was, indeed, his semen.

Source: Wikimedia https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:NYPD_Police_Car.jpg
Source: Wikimedia

The unnamed victim, worked with Iscenko in the Organized Crime Control Bureau, reported the incident immediately. The splattered substance was then tested and proven to be semen. Sgt. Michael Iscenko, 54, had recently told the woman that he “liked” her, and this was apparently the only way he could think to show it.

The incident happened at One Police Plaza in January as the woman walked back to her office from the women’s restroom. She felt something splash on her leg and looked down to find, in horror, that she had semen on her.

There is security camera footage of the attack that shows Iscenko, in uniform, crouching down behind the woman. After throwing the semen at her, Iscenko can be seen walking away. It is unknown how, exactly, Iscenko transported and flung his bodily fluids onto her.

One of the most shocking aspects of this crime is not the crime itself, but that fact that Sgt. Iscenko was only suspended for the incident in June?five whole months after the attack?and has not yet been arrested. Hopefully an arrest will finally be made when the results from the DNA tests come back.