Before you think of Sexual-Consent Forms Again, Try This New Sexual-Consent Mobile App

Technology makes life even easier with this new app that records confirmations of sexual consent and saves it in ?cloud storage for 7 years. The app is the brainwork of Michael Lissack, a businessman who got the idea while participating in a debate on sexual assault at Harvard. The app can be downloaded from their site here.

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Titled ?We-Consent?, the app captures a 20-second video of the users who consent to sex and saves it in cloud storage. The video is stored for 7 years and cannot be hacked. It is not exposed to anyone other than law enforcement authorities, and universities if they request it. This means that not even the users themselves may access the information, so that misuse of the videos could be avoided.

Michael said the primary target customer base would be athletes as they are the ones who are most often involved with scandals. He said: ?Who seems to be mostly involved with scandals? Athletic teams and fraternities.?

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Along with the ?Yes? app, the website is selling the ?No Means No,? and ?Not Now? apps as well, which are to be used when the other person is not getting the message.

So why is this app a better option than printed consent forms?

  1. Legally acceptable: Consent forms may or may not be recognized as authentic. They can be questioned. The video recording cannot. It is well in scope of the informed consent law.
  2. Readily available: Nearly everyone carries a video enabled smart phone these days. No one carries legal papers on a regular basis.
  3. Cannot be misused: Since, the users themselves do not have access to the videos, they cannot be used to de-repute the other person, although consent forms can.
  4. Lesser chances of being threatened to consent: Since the video is recorded on camera, the expressions are recorded as well. Chances are less to make a video with a happy face when threatened.
  5. Less awkward: The worst part about consent forms is asking the other person ?may I have sex with you?? and having them sign on the dotted line. This app seems to be much better at presenting intentions clearly, without seeming impersonal.

Although not foolproof, this could surely help a lot of those who may be prone to scandals. So, in the interest of protecting yourself, and perhaps your partner as well, you should check out this mobile app.

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