Here’s A Cop Story That Actually Ends Well For One Austin Driver, And Has An Unexpected Twist

APD Officer help saves woman s life during traffic stop   YouTube
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While we usually read a cop story that ends tragically for someone, there are also bright spots to cover. Also, while mainstream media usually likes a bad cop story (for the ratings obviously), it is always nice to see a good one that helps restore my faith in humanity.

On the evening of July 5, in Austin, Texas, Senior Officer Dustin Clinkscales was about to stop a car for what he believed to be a cell phone violation. As he approached the vehicle, the officer noticed that the female driver could not speak and was unable to breathe. That’s when Clinkscales took immediate life-saving actions.

Clinkscales could be seen performing the Heimlich maneuver from the police car’s dashcam. It appeared that the woman had a dislodged object in her airway, thereby causing her to faint due to lack of oxygen. Fortunately, Clinkscales managed to catch the woman’s head before it struck the concrete.

The twist in the story is that the woman is actually the daughter of Detective Damon Dunn. Detective Dunn had this to say:

?I’ve never been on that side where a relative’s been involved. I’ve always been on the other side where I’m responding or any other officer here is responding to a total stranger, and you’re giving first-aid. My daughter she’s very thankful, and she’s luckily, she says she was lucky he was there.

According to KTBC Austin, Commander Michael Eveleth says:

?The first thing she said, she pointed to Officer Clinkscales and said, ?That officer saved my life.??

With so many officers being caught on camera these days abusing their power, it is nice to see a cop getting caught doing his job this time. Hopefully we see more of these types of cop videos surfacing. Through his quick and selfless actions, Clinkscales saved a life, and for that he is being recognized.

Watch Clinkscales life-saving act below:

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