Controversial Costuming Choice On New Star Wars Toy Causes Parents Concern

Earlier this week, a news segment shed light on controversy surrounding a?Star Wars action figure. During a trip down the toy aisle with his two daughters, Fred Hill spotted a Princess Leia action figure from?Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The single dad was shocked at what he found in his local Target Store. The toy he found was the Black Series action figure of Princess Leia in her “slave outfit.” Hill’s two daughters were shocked at the attire of the children’s toy. Naturally, instead of using this moment as an excellent teaching tool for his daughters, Hill became offended by the toy. Many other parents also expressed their concern over the?Star Wars action figure.

You can see the numerous?reactions in the news segment in the video below:

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

As you see in the video, Hill’s daughters were primarily concerned about the chain around Leia’s neck. Since their father has obviously never seen?Star Wars (shocking, I know), this situation wasn’t handled properly. This could have been an excellent teaching moment. If anyone else out there doesn’t understand Princess Leia’s outfit, let me break it down.

Leia was captured by a bad guy named Jabba the Hutt after she bravely tried to rescue Han Solo. Being the bad guy that he is, Jabba the Hutt sexually exploited Leia. Jabba forced Leia to be his slave and wear a?skimpy outfit. Leia was forced to wear a chain around her neck, because she was a PRISONER. Get it? She was imprisoned by a bad guy who sexually exploited her for his pleasure.?Star Wars?isn’t a story that revolves around lollipops and rainbows. It’s a story about good and evil.

Instead of being offended by the action figure’s attire, maybe it would have been better if the dad taught his daughters a valuable lesson about the exploitation of women. Understanding the context behind why Leia is wearing this outfit is important. Also, is this dad equally outraged when he walks down the doll aisle in stores and sees Ariel from?The Little Mermaid? What about beach Barbie in a bikini? I think this dad needs to be more worried about what kind of impact the images of women in media will have on his two daughters. I’m sure his two daughters have seen numerous skinny, scantily-clad dolls.

To the parents in the video who don’t approve of this toy, what is your reaction to other action figures? Are you concerned at the amount of violence portrayed in toys and action figures? Almost every?Star Wars figure comes with a weapon. Superheroes and villains are popular in television and film at the moment. Almost every superhero and villain action figure will come with a weapon. Are you offended by the amount of violence portrayed in the media? I’m guessing you aren’t because?”showing skin” is a taboo subject and violence isn’t.

Princess Leia is a woman who is loyal, brave, and strong. She stands up for what is right. She fights for her friends. She puts her life on the line to save loved ones. She fights the good fight. She’s courageous. None of these things have to do with her appearance. Leia is an amazing character not because of what she looks like, but because of who she is and the qualities she represents.

Caleb Woods is a Communications and English major. He is a reader, a writer, and an activist for LGBT rights, women’s rights, and the rights of the American people. He has lived in Alabama for his entire life and has experienced first-hand discrimination and bigotry. He hopes to change hearts and minds across the world so that people may show more compassion and empathy for their fellow man and woman. Click here if you'd like to donate money to Caleb's coffee fund.