Health Alert–11 Incredibly Gross Things You Probably Don’t Even Know You’re Eating

We all like to think that they food we eat is clean, healthy, and won’t harm us. And by and large that’s true. But there are some things we eat from time to time that would turn your stomach if you knew you were ingesting them. Here’s a health alert to make you aware of 11 things you may want to be on the lookout for.

Happy dining!

Human Hair



Did you know that human hair and animal feathers are used in breads to give texture? Neither did I, but that BLT I was gonna have suddenly doesn’t look so tempting.

Flesh-Eating Bacteria


Grocery store meats are often infused with veterinary medicines, heavy metals, and even MRSA. This causes almost 20,000 deaths per year. Still want that pastrami?

Paint Chemical


Some salad dressings have a hidden ingredient that isn’t so appealing. White-colored dressing often contains paint chemicals to give them their color. So while you’re trying to eat healthy, you may be eating paint.

Bug Juice


A bright red food colorant that you find in candies and yogurt is actually juice from the crushed abdomen of the ladybug. Hey, no wonder it’s so good!

Beaver Anal Gland Juice


Yeah, I did a double-take on this one, too. Just keep in mind that if you choose to drink a glass of raspberry juice, you are really tasting beaver anal gland juice. It’s listed on the label as “natural flavoring.” Oh, it’s natural all right!

Cloned Cow’s Stomach


Mmm….nothing’s as good as cow stomach, is it? Well, much of the cheese you eat is really cloned cow’s stomach. I will never look at grilled cheese the same way again. Gross!

Sex Hormones


Milk is a great source of calcium. However, it also contains sex hormones. Look for labels that say “rBST free.”



Yes, I know: WTF?! Ammonia?! A lot of beef is cleaned with ammonia before being sold. Yummy, huh?

Cancer-Causing Chemicals



Bags of popcorn are often contaminated with chemicals that prevent the popcorn bags from sticking. The toxic chemical, called perfluorooctanoic acid, has been linked to cancer, infertility, and other serious diseases.



Most corn contains harmful herbicides, including Glyphosate, which is the active chemical ingredient in weed killers.

Cleaning Chemicals


Shrimp cleaned with cleaning chemicals is as dirty as shrimp full of antibiotics, mouse and rat hair, and pieces of insects. Good idea to choose domestic shrimp.

h/t BrainJet