Women Make Progress Behind Jen Welter

For the first time in football history a woman will be on the NFL sidelines. The Arizona Cardinals have hired Jen Welter as an assistant linebackers coach.

Courtesy of heavy
Courtesy of heavy

Welter played collegiate rugby before spending 14 years in various professional football leagues. Most notably with the Dallas Diamonds where she won four championships.

Welter must be the most over-qualified intern in history as she hold a masters degree in sport psychology, and a doctorate in psychology. Her resume is even furthered by her becoming the first woman to play in a non-kicking position in professional football.

Even Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians had this to say about her,

“I really believe she’ll have a great opportunity with this internship through training camp to open some doors for her”

If we can recall this summer Becky Hammon led the San Antonio Spurs Summer Team to a historic title run. Hammon followed in the footsteps of Nancy Lieberman, who became the first female head coach of a NBA D-League team in 2009.


While her position is currently only as a preseason intern, she has already made significant progress in getting herself integrated, and paving the way into the most hegemonic industry in sport, football.

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