Screaming Ice Cream Man Arrested In His Undies

It was just a normal Friday evening last week in Clarence, NY when local ice cream truck driver Ryan Duff came rolling down the street. In many neighborhoods, the presence of the ice cream man brings squeals of joy and delight as children run outside to buy an ice cream treat on hot summer afternoons. This was not one of those instances.

ice cream
Source: Wikimedia

Police say Duff, 24, was intoxicated and screaming out the window of his ice cream truck. Parents were alarmed and called police. When the authorities arrived, though, the belligerent screams were the least of the parents’ worries.

Mr. Duff was apparently wearing nothing but his underwear, which had parents freaked out more than his screaming. Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the complaint and arrested the scantily-clad ice cream man and brought him into custody.

Once in custody, it became obvious to the deputies that Mr. Duff was highly intoxicated. Duff refused to cooperate with the officers, and after a drug recognition expert arrived, it was determined that the offender was under the influence of drugs, and not alcohol. The specific drugs suspected has not been released.

Police reportedly charged Duff with DWI and other offenses before releasing him to a sober driver. He is due at the Clarence Town Court at the end of August.