Race Baiting 101– Facts That Make Conservatives Super Defensive

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When it comes to race issues, many whites have a very special kind of obtuse insensitivity. This is especially true with white conservatives.

They have a blindness that makes them say things like a choke hold wasn’t really a choke hold.

They don’t really feel black people’s pain so much as they blame them for causing it.

They have a defensive deafness that prevents them from hearing any other truth than the one they already believe.

They love to taste black culture, but without appreciating its complexity and texture.

And they can’t really smell their own hypocrisy.

In this video Mathew Cooke takes a thoughtful, intelligent and provocative look into the history of Racism in the United States. He explains how America created a three caste social order, so that poor whites could ensure the rich elites would stay in power.

Cooke breaks down concepts like “systematic racism” and “white privilege,” things that many whites deny the existence of. Cooke also makes it perfectly clear that he is not an “apologist” or bears any self-hatred for being white.

Instead Cooke gives an impassioned appeal for all people to unify and rectify social injustice. This was a very well done video which only the most hardcore racism defensive deniers will take issue with. Here is the video.