More Duggar Drama! Josh Duggar Found In AshleyMadison Data Leak!

duggar ashleymadison data leak
Josh Duggar (Photo Credit: The Wardrobe Door)

Before I begin, let me clarify something. I do not support the data leak of user information from AshleyMadison. I think the data leak was not the appropriate way for Impact Team to get their point across. A king’s ransom of users are now in jeopardy, seeing as how their sensitive information was not just stolen, but ultimately released into the Deep Web of all places.

A lot of harrowing things happen in the Deep Web.

With that having been said, my attempt at rationality has gotten me nowhere. I am defeated. No one wants to hear it. Cheaters are cheaters and deserve to have their bare asses exposed. Fine. If that’s the way we feel about it…

Guess whose name has appeared in the AshleyMadison data leak!

Why, it’s none other than disgraced family values activist and exposed purveyor of putrid perversions Joshua James Duggar. Apparently, Duggar has traded in one cardinal sin for the other. This time, the victim was his wife.

In the data leak, Josh Duggar’s name comes up twice. Yes, two paid accounts with the dedicated adulterer’s website. One of these accounts listed his address as the home seen on TLC’s disgraceful example of television garbage 19 Kids And Counting. The other address is a home in Oxon Hill, Md.

The latter account was opened in July 2014.

Altogether, this part of Josh Duggar’s secret double (triple?) life were active from February 2013 until this past May. As we all know, this past May is when Josh Duggar’s sexual assault of his younger sisters became public knowledge. Interesting timing, no?

In what can be called the most impressive aspect of this revelation, Josh Duggar’s second account (the one based in Oxon Hill) contains an extra $250 payment to Avid Life Media, a nice chunk of cash to receive a money-back “affair guarantee.”

Altogether, Duggar shelled out nearly $1,000 in the hopes of boinking someone other than this wife.

What are the Duggar’s to do? Perhaps after the Duggar girls exploit their own incestuous sexual assault for monetary gain, TLC could run some programming focusing on Josh Duggar “losing touch with the Lord.” After all, bullshit like that is all TLC’s good for now anyway.

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