Ben Carson Visits Ferguson, MO–Says The Issue Is ‘Respect,’ Not Race

Image Via Gage Skidmore for Flickr

The weeks since the first GOP Presidential debate have been good ones for Ben Carson. In that time, he has risen from single digits to second place behind Donald Trump in the latest polls.

And on Friday, Dr. Carson decided to pay a visit to Ferguson, Missouri, site of the tragic shooting death of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in August of last year.

Speaking in Ferguson, Carson said he doesn’t see racial issues as being a problem in the United States, and added that he believes the larger issues for America are educational inequities and a breakdown of values in the country:

“Education is the great divide. Children need to understand that they have to get a good education.”

Yes, especially higher education, yet Carson offered no solutions to how inner-city youth are supposed to afford that step up the ladder of opportunity.

Dr. Carson also remarked on mutual respect among all people of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds:

“We need to de-emphasize race and emphasize respect for each other. If we respect people, we can begin to understand them. Our strength is in our unity.”

What about police officers not showing respect or restraint when it comes to young black men and women? To that point, Carson merely said he was raised to respect police officers and “never had any problems.”

Well then, problem solved!

While he was at it, Dr. Carson also managed to toss some red meat to the far right wing of the Republican party, commenting that the Black Lives Matter movement, which expanded as a result of Michael Brown’s death should:

“Include lives taken by abortion.”

I’m not sure I fully understand the logic of that statement, but the fact that Donald Trump and Ben Carson have about 50 percent of the primary voters polled supporting them certainly speaks volumes to the logic (or utter lack thereof) which exists within the GOP electorate.