Pope Francis Disappoints LGBT Community – Again

Pope Francis sends a bit of a mixed message by kicking out a gay priest but keeping a pedophile bishop. When Pope Francis came into power, he was seen as a man of the people. He said he would work hard to undo a lot of the damage Pope Benedict XVI did to the image of the Church, most notably the treatment of homosexuals as Satanic spawn and the immense cover up of pedophiles in the Church. Although Pope Francis did state, “Who am I to judge” in relation to being gay is a sin, the quote apparently continues, “I’m the Pope! That’s who!.”

Pope Francis defrocks Krzysztof Charamsa for being gay.

Before a meeting in the Vatican about gay marriage, Polish priest Kryzsztof Charamsa came out of the closet in the coolest way possible. He held a conference at an Italian restaurant. His coming out party was also, unfortunately, his retirement party. The reason? Being gay might be “sort of a sin” now, but it definitely doesn’t belong at all in the Church. Pope Benedict XVI took time away from eating small children (allegedly) to sign a proclamation that stated being a homosexual or even thinking about same-sex relations is enough to bar one from being a priest. In case his words could be misunderstood, Benedict followed it up with stating that homosexuality is “a strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil.”

Charamsa not only stated that the Vatican is “full of homosexuals” and that they are “frequently violently homophobic.” he also calls for a mass coming out party. His concept is simple: Make Pope Francis either dismiss a large number of clergy or change the rules of the Vatican to something that resembles the teachings of Christ.

Pope Francis promotes the pedophile Juan Barros to bishop.

Apparently protecting people who molest, or watch kids being molested, is not only still going on in the Vatican, but Pope Francis has promoted one of the more notorious pedophiles, Juan Barros. If you don’t know the name, Barros is the priest who covered up a few child molestations and, to make matters even worse, had first-hand knowledge of the molestations, because he was an active witness. It isn’t a new story, the guy has been molesting and covering up for other pedophiles since 1984.

So, the take away from this is that, not only is it OK to protect people who molest kids, it is OK to join in on the molestation. Not only is it OK, you can actually get promoted by Pope Francis for it even though thousands protested the move. Protesters, by the way, that Pope Francis openly called, “dumb.”

Pope Francis’s new math:

Being gay and committed to a partner =Not OK

Being a pedophile rapist = promotion

To end, I will link here the tweet that showed Charamsa and his partner with smiles on their faces and, quite honestly, a kick-ass scarf on the priest. I believe we can all give this picture an Amen.

Featured Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr, available under Creative Common license.

Jo Szewczyk is an American scholar who earned his PhD from Lancaster University in the UK. He is currently an ex-pat American living in Montreal, Canada where he spends his time with his cat, Chuck Finley.