WATCH: Another Reason For The Millennial Generation To Love Bernie Sanders

Now that the millennial generation is the largest generation in the United States, you would think that more candidates would try to speak to their needs. Almost the entire generation will be able to vote in the 2016 election, and the issues we care about will be foremost in our minds on election day. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has perfected the art of speaking to the millennial generation and has won massive support for it.

The millennial generation is mostly focused on the economic outlook, since many of us graduated into the worst recession since the Great Depression. We are weighed down with student loan debt to the tune of three trillion dollars, which prevents us from taking the next step in the American Dream, such as buying a home.

The millennial generation is also the most philanthropic, and we care deeply about social and economic inequality. Sanders was among the first candidates to put out a platform on those issues.

We’re also passionate about people sticking by their principles, which Sanders has shown by practicing what he preaches. You wouldn’t think a septuagenarian would capture our support, but he has done just that.

As the millennial generation though, we also love nothing more than a great meme or to watch viral video. Which is why Ellen’s latest parody of a Bernie Sanders political ad is so hilariously awesome. Since the millennial generation already loves him, getting to watch him get low to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video further adds to our affection. Even though it is obviously NOT Sanders actually dancing in the video (spoiler alert!), you cannot help but smile as you watch the ridiculousness of it all.

So sit back, watch, and enjoy Bernie getting his bling on and, paraphrasing the esteemed words of Ellen, “your move, Hillary.”


Featured image a screen grab from the Ellen video.