Donald Trump Just Tweeted One Of The Most Racist Memes You’ve Ever Seen

I know what you’re gonna say: “Donald Trump, racist? No way!”

It’s hard to believe, but it may be time to admit that The Donald might actually be a racist. He posted a meme that may have neo-Nazi roots, and is completely wrong on many levels.

donald trump racist
Screencap from Twitter.

First of all, the whole thing is an incomprehensible mess. WTF do these percentages mean? People (and Donald Trump) may recall from elementary school that percentages represent a fraction– that is, they represent what part of one category belongs to another category. For example, I have two children and two pets. Representing that as a percentage, I could say that of the small individuals in my household, 50 percent are non-human (although some days I feel that that percentage is higher, depending on how bedtime goes). The percentages in this meme have zero perspective information. You don’t know how much of A is also B.

But that quibble pales in comparison to the fact that it is currently 2015. That means that 2015 crime stats can’t exist. Not to mention that there is no such thing as “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Fransisco.” I think it’s supposed to sound like a cross between the FBI and some kind of local crime statistics collection agency.

The actual real FBI stats (from 2014) are way different from this meme. White people are overwhelming killed by other white people (82 percent of single victim-single offender murders). Less than 15 percent of murders of white people were committed by black offenders. But that doesn’t fit these racist neo-fascists’ narrative, so they just fudge it. The percentage of Black people killed by Black people is 89.9 for 2014, which is not the same as freaking 97 percent.

I assume the meme is supposed to show that one percent of Black people who are murdered, are murdered by police. Even if that were true, one percent is a lot! That’s one in a hundred. The implication here is that Black people should STFU about a measly one percent. Black lives don’t matter as long as “only” one percent of murders are by cops, apparently. But of course this is all a pointless discussion because these stats are coming directly from a racist asshole’s, well, asshole.

His response to the outcry in response to this idiotic, nonsensical, racist, anti-intellectualist garbage? Basically, meh, it happens. I can’t fact-check everything. It’s just Twitter.

The Planned Parenthood massacre in Colorado recently has shown us that words matter. The fact that the killer repeated a phrase strikingly similar to a talking point repeated by Carly Fiorina during GOP debates should make folks in politics think twice about spewing incendiary bullshit.

Is Donald Trump racist? Undoubtedly. Is he dangerous? Weeks ago, I would have rolled my eyes at that question, but today my answer is: undoubtedly. The fact that he doesn’t see the issue with spreading information that is not only racially charged but 100 percent incorrect is absolutely dangerous. The fact that he is holding steady in the GOP presidential race is gonad-shrivellingly terrifying.

Featured image is by Mike Licht via flickr, available under this Creative Commons license.