Marco Rubio: The 9/11 Attacks Were God’s Plan For The Universe (Video)

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In a blatant attempt to curry favor with the evangelical Christian wing of the Republican Party, Marco Rubio is now saying that the September 11 terrorist attacks–along with the more recent ones in Paris–are all part of God’s plan.

While speaking in Iowa recently, Rubio told his audience not to be afraid, God is control of the universe:

“We are biblically ordered not to be afraid. You know why? Because God is telling us that no matter what happens, ‘It is part of my plan. I will give you the strength to endure it whether you like it or not.’”

Which raises another question I would love to pose to the Florida Senator: If we are not supposed to be afraid of terrorists and it’s all part of God’s plan, why did you and the other 2106 contenders resort to fear mongering when the Paris attacks happened? Why didn’t you declare then and there, “This is all part of God’s plan. No one is to blame.” Because you were far too busy trying to blame it all on President Obama for your own political gain.

Rubio also said he had recently been asked:

Where was God on 9/11? Where was God in Paris?”

His reply:

“I said, ‘where God always is — on the throne in Heaven.’ The question was how could God allow these bad things to happen? It always challenges us to understand that God’s ways are not our ways. What we may interpret as bad, and most certainly is in the case of Paris or 9/11, even that is part of a broader plan for the universe and for our lives that we are just not going to know the answer to. God’s ways are not our ways.”

No, God’s ways are most certainly not your ways, Senator Rubio, or the ways of your political party. God calls for humility, compassion, love for one’s fellow man, sacrifice on the behalf of others, caring for the least among us, and not casting stones at others because we are all sinners.

But I have to admit, Senator, while I see plenty of God in your words, I do not see any of God in your actions.

Watch Rubio the Preacher

Featured image by Flickr, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.