Lacy, Crotchless Granny Panties For The Golden Girl Fan

Do you have a friend or family member who is a huge fan of the Golden Girls? Or maybe you have a friend or family member that prefers the comfort of granny panties? Or perhaps your friend or family member is a fan of bucking traditional gender stereotypes with their lingerie?

Whatever type of person you may have in your life, nothing truly speaks to the joie de vivre of the holidays like crotchless, lacy granny panties. But wait! There’s more! These naughty bits of lingerie come complete with the faces of each of your favorite Golden Girls characters.

Head on over to the BulletsandBees Etsy shop to snag your favorite pair. Sadly, it appears as though the Rose (a.k.a. Betty White) sheer, white lace granny panties are sold out. However, you can still snag the Sophia or Dorothy panties. The one I am the biggest fan of though is the crotchless, lime-green panties with Blanche on them.


They are a bit pricy, with each panty running between $40 to $52, and the set of three for $120. It really depends on how much you love that Golden Girl fan in your life.

And if the Golden Girls are not your taste, there is plenty more to enjoy in this hilarious Etsy store.

You can snag a sassy red pair of panties for the #feelthebern fan (with 50% going back to the campaign!)



If you have an Alf fan in your world, there are a pair of undies to fit that need as well.



And finally, because everyone just loves Ryan Gosling, you can satisfy the “Hey Girl” fan with this snazzy pair, that comes complete with kittens on the sides.



And there you have it! The perfect gift for the woman (or man) who has it all!


Featured image and all subsequent images are from the Bulletsandbees Etsy shop. These images are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.