Ted Cruz’s College Roommate Outs Him On Body Odor, Laziness, Creeping On Women

We’ve all done stupid things as teenagers and young adults. However, if you’re Ted Cruz and you’re running for president, you may need to pay off some people to keep them quiet.


Successful screen writer Craig Mazin attended Princeton and was actually roommates with good ‘ole Teddy. At their first meeting, Mazin noted Cruz was carrying a book titled Was Karl Marx a Satanist?


Cruz in his high school yearbook; he was president of the drama club. via NPR
Cruz in his high school yearbook; he was president of the drama club. via NPR


Another former schoolmate, Erik Leitch noted Cruz was someone who loved to argue just for the sake of arguing.

“The only point of Ted talking to you was to convince you of the rightness of his views.”


Oh, that doesn’t end there.

Several other former classmates used the following words to describe Ted.

1. Abrasive
2. Intense
3. Strident
4. Crank
5. Arrogant


Even better? Four individuals used the word “creepy” to describe him and did so independent of each other. Apparently along with creeping on girls, Ted had bad taste in clothing as he would wear a paisley bathrobe while stalking the girls end of the dorm.


“I would end up fielding the [girls’] complaints: ‘Could you please keep your roomate out of our hallway?'”

Well, there went my deep affection for Very Bradley paisley purses. Thanks a lot, Cruz. You dick.

And he was lazy.


What’s worse than Ted Cruz in a paisley robe and nothing else on underneath? Ted Cruz in a paisley robe with nothing else on underneath that STINKS. Apparently, he had a hygiene issue.


Mazin isn’t just coming out to spill the bones in Cruz’s closet. In 2012, he tweeted:

That’s all fine and good. We all make stupid mistakes as young adults figuring out life. So, does Mazin believe he’s changed for the greater good?

That would be a big ‘ole nope.


I don’t believe I’ve ever heard someone be compared to mold before. Wow.


Hopefully, Cruz isn’t counting on Mazin’s vote.

“I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone. I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.”

Tune in to Mazin’s Twitter for future trips down Cruz memory lane.