Man Takes Pics Of GOP Politicians With Guns, Replaces Them With . . .

There is much that could be said about our politicians’ fascination with guns. As alluded to in this Fusion article, there is a Freudian undertone with the obsession that some GOP politicians have with firearms. With that in mind, Matt Haughey won the internet by taking that idea one step further.

Last Friday, Haughey informed the Twitterverse that, “My new project will be replacing any guns held by GOP candidates with a di*do. I’ll do this until the election.” This brilliant plan formed when Haughey noticed that GOP politicians’ eyes lit up whenever they held a gun. He told Fusion writer Ethan Chiel that the positioning of the guns in the politicians hands also added to his hilarious scheming.

With the hashtag #GOPDildo, Haughey unleashed his photoshopping wonders on Saturday morning at 12:00am, with this gem, “Ted Cruz with his Blue Hawaii #GOPdildo


He also released my personal favorite (as I have an affinity for leopard print) with the caption, “Mike Huckabee with his Leopard Wonder #GOPdildo


His eyes are up top there, Huckabee!

Haughey continued to rain down hilarity as he sent out several more photoshopped politicians on Saturday afternoon.

This one was captioned, “Mitch McConnell and his favorite Rosy Red wonder #GOPdildo.


Try not to cry laughing as you enjoy this one, captioned, “When @tedcruz faces tough questions from the press, he keeps Ol’ Trusty Blue by his side #GOPdildo.”


I am somewhat concerned that Rubio might put an eye out of an attendee or one of his fellow politicians with this shot, which Haughey captioned, “When @marcorubio pulls out Big Blue at a show, everyone notices #GOPdildo.


As the politicians-with-sex-toys theme took off, Haughey started a Tumblr to keep up. His Donald Trump image was especially awesome, which he captioned, “Trump is over the moon thinking about what hijinks he’ll get into with this one.


While I will leave the psychoanalysis of these politicians to those with better skills than I, I do hope you enjoy the Freudian theory set to pictures.

P.S. He plans on continuing to photoshop GOP politicians throughout the 2016 election race, so hold on to your hat for further amazingness. And check out his Tumblr as the images keep coming out.


Featured image and all other images via Haughey’s Twitter and Tumblr pages, with the featured image edited. These images are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.