Donald Trump Being ATTACKED By A Bald Eagle Is The Best Thing Ever

This bald eagle attacking Donald Trump is the best thing ever. Uncle Sam, the 27-year-old bald eagle, immediately took a disliking to Donald Trump. He began by messing up The Donald’s hair, which may have been an improvement of that cotton candy mop presently upon his head.

Then, in another scene being shot for Time Magazine, Trump  was worried about a bottle of aspirin on his desk. See people? He feels pain. The poor bastard. When Trump reached for the aspirin bottle Uncle Sam attempted to take a bite right out of him. Trump, the potential new glorious and fearless leader, recoiled in fear like a child who had just laid their eyes upon the boogeyman. After the picture was taken, Trump looked over the shots and said, “We’re not doing it again.”

Some in the media speculate that the video has been released today, on the same day that Trump lost to Angela Merkel for TIME’s person of the year, as a rebut to Donald Trump lashing out at the magazine on Twitter for not winning.

Trump tw


Can you imagine the outrage of right wing people if a bald eagle had attacked President Obama? Can’t you hear the rhetoric of the bald eagle defending American heritage? If the bald eagle doesn’t trust him, who can? It should be a warning to the American people that if the bald eagle rejected him we should reject him too! The Great bald eagle, similar to the Great groundhog of Poskatony, can predict events and we should trust the bald eagle’s judgment.

This could go on all day, the stupidity would be endless.