Mark Zuckerberg To Muslims: ‘We Will Fight To Protect Your Rights’ And Keep You Safe

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg never minds involving himself in the causes he cares about. Whether it’s with his money, his voice, or his activism, the young billionaire is making an impact on the world in a huge way and does more than his share to protect vulnerable people.

In light of recent developments that are creating danger for Muslims in America and around the world, Zuck has once again proven his progressive stance with a stunningly sharp message on Facebook.


The post has had more than 170,000 shares as of this writing, and more than a million likes — a lot even by Zuckerberg’s standards (his posts are always popular).

Zuckerberg references the recent Paris attacks and “hate this week,” but he falls short of directly mentioning the elephant in the room: GOP presidential front-runner and billionaire racist Donald Trump and his rabid conservative base.

That’s OK. Zuck’s sane voice is a beacon of light and hope in what has become a nightmarish darkness. May we all join this cause and commitment to protect innocent people from the insanity of the right wing.

Featured image by Ludovic Toinel/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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