John Oliver’s Funny And Useful Guide On Re-gifting This Holiday Season

John Oliver is currently taking a small break from his show Last Week Tonight, but much to the delight of his faithful fans, he released a short clip with some advise on re-gifting this holiday season.

Every single holiday season, we all get at least one gift, where we sit back and think ‘what the f*ck!‘ Those of us who are polite, will smile and kindly say thanks to the gift giver — after all, it is the season of giving and not receiving.

In the spirit of generosity, we will in turn give what we think is a terrible gift to someone else, hoping that they love it, but really just wanting to get it out of your house. Anyone who says they do not do this is simply just lying. We have all done it or will eventually do it at some point. If you haven’t done this, or for those of us who have, but still could use some tips, Oliver provides us with this funny, yet useful, guide on re-gifting:

Never re-gift to someone who knows the original gifter

This seems self-explanatory, but never give the gift your aunt gave to you and turn around and give it to your sister. Instead, “create some distance” and give it to a co-worker during an office Secret Santa. Oliver equates this to peeing in the ocean, “it’s not right, but ultimately it’s a harmless solution to an urgent problem.”

Personalize it

Personalizing the gift by simply writing a note to the recipient doesn’t scream out that this gift may only have been an after thought. Oliver suggests something like “Saw this and couldn’t resist” or “This is so you!” — unless of course the message might be insulting when you give someone a box of wine and they are “three months sober.

Disguise the gift

Maximing the gift or dressing it up might help in convincing the other person that it is a good gift. “A horrible gift, much like your pet, always looks better when dressed up,” states Oliver.

Re-wrap it

Yes, please re-wrap it. It goes without saying, but do not arrive with an unwrapped gift or a gift that still has tape with wrapping stuck to it from when you opened it. If you don’t re-wrap it, then at least put it in a gift bag. As, Oliver points out,

“Gift bags are the sweat pants of gift wrapping…it’s lazy, but it’s undeniably better than not putting anything on at all.”

Keep yourself to a single re-gift per person

Oliver strongly suggests not to “re-distribute all of your gifts” to exclusively “your friends and family like a festive ponzi scheme.” If you do this, Oliver explains,

“You’re flying too close to the sun and when your wings melt they’ll probably smell like a cranberry ball because you made them from the scented candle you got from your sister-in-law.”

If you do no re-gift, my personal suggestion is to give the unwanted item to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Either will gladly take it off your hands, and your donation will be tax deductible — a win-win!

Regardless of whether you heed this advice or not, keep in mind that this is a season of giving, and not receiving — always be grateful for all that you receive.

It’s always funnier hearing it from Oliver’s own mouth — watch the entire video here, 


Featured image is a screenshot from the video