A Southern Pastor: Truth Checker For A Night Without Truth

I did not watch the GOP debate last night. To be honest, I simply cannot bring myself to do it anymore. I am ashamed of how American politics are represented by those candidates, and I am scared of the negative implications of the half-truths and outright lies which they spew. More importantly, I fear for those who hear them and believe without question. So after catching up this morning on the highlights of the debate and once again being disgusted and alarmed, I found a reliable source of information in a PBS NEWSHOUR article from The Rundown, Please share this link and spread truth and rationality. Education is the only way to combat the current ridiculous state of political affairs.

Fact checking the 5th Republican debate | PBS NewsHour

Here’s a look at some of the claims Tuesday night and how they compare with the facts:

TED CRUZ: “You would carpet bomb where ISIS is, not a city.”

THE FACTS: The Texas senator’s conviction that the Islamic State group can be routed with an air campaign of overwhelming force is hard to square with the reality on the ground. ISIS fighters are holed up in a variety of cities, amid civilians, raising questions about how he could direct a carpet bombing that only singles out the enemy.

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