Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Most Narcissistic Act To Date

I am finally beginning to understand the bromance between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. It is very clear that both are madly in love with themselves. I am unsure why it took me this long to make the connection, but it’s quite obvious to me now.

The reason I am mentioning this is because Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to outdo even Trump’s level of narcissism recently. As of Christmas Eve, you can now own your very own calendar of Putin.

Yes, you read that right. Russian President Vladimir Putin has released a calendar filled each month with images of himself. The sheer hubris of this act is further shown through its pricing. Purchasing this glorious homage will set you back a mere 6,000 rubles, or roughly $84.

There are a wide array of shots of Russian President Vladimir Putin, including the typical, tough-guy, militaristic shots. But there are also some wonderful (awful?) surprises inside the calendar as well.

Russian President Vladimir Putin must be attempting to rehabilitate his country’s dog-killing image after the Sochi Olympics debacle with this shot:

Russian-President-Vladimir-Putin 1

It appears that he is trying to show off a softer side (though I am not sure he even truly has one) with this brilliance:


And just in case you wanted to see Russian President Vladimir Putin shirtless, he displays his bare chest for all to glory in with this image:


As obscenely narcissistic as this calendar might be though, if I had to choose between seeing Donald Trump shirtless and Russian President Vladimir Putin shirtless, I would take Putin. Either way though, there’s about as much of a chance of me paying off my student loans as there is of me spending $84 on this insanity!

You can feel free to enjoy even more of it here.


Featured image via Flickr. All images within story via the BBC. All images used are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.