Fox News Network Consistently Reflects GOP Views On Women And It Isn’t Pretty (VIDEO)

If you ever doubted that the Fox News network is the most sexist place on television, let’s put those doubts to rest.

2016-01-03 10_53_23-70 Awful Displays Of Sexism On Fox News - YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube

Sexism has been a theme in the presidential campaign lately, with Hillary Clinton insisting that Trump has “a penchant for sexism” and Trump responding that Bill’s shady sexual past is the real display of sexism. Liberals insist that the GOP has waged a “war on women,” and the GOP responded by insisting that liberal campaigns against female GOP candidates¬†highlight hidden sexism on the Left.

So who’s right?

If we keep in mind¬†that 47% of GOP voters who report being “consistently conservative” also say that they rely on the Fox News network to stay informed on politics and social issues, it would seem that Fox News is not only informing right-wing voters, it is a consistently reflection of their views.

This is the Fox News network’s views on women, courtesy of Media Matters for America.