Fox Host: The Idea of Woman’s Consent is Laughable

Just in case viewers thought Fox News was only concerned with protecting domestic terrorists and the Confederate Flag, Fox News host John Stossel reminded Americans of another group of downtrodden right wing heroes, campus rapists. 

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Screenshot via YouTube

In an episode broadcast on January 3rd, 2015 on Fox Business, host John Stossel dedicated a segment titled “CAMPUS RAPE HYSTERIA” to exposing the tyranny of consent laws on college campuses.  Throughout the segment, he repeatedly laughed at the “crazy” idea of women giving repeated consent, and was shocked when the college students asked about consent laws did not agree with him about the “crazy” concept of women being raped by people they know on campus.

Throughout the segment, Stossel made repeated attempts to joke about consent.  When consent laws were explained to him, he exploded:

“The kids must laugh at it, I can’t believe anybody having sex gets repeated consent.”

Much to Stossel’s disappointment, the kids interviewed on camera didn’t share his sick sense of humor.

Even though college students don’t find rape a laughing matter, plenty of Republicans, and other right wingers do. Sadly, these comments reflect common thinking about women in the GOP and on Fox News.

Stossel also questioned the need for laws protecting women from sexual assault on college campuses, dismissing evidence of rape on campus as questionable and hysterical.  The truth does not match Stossel’s women hating fantasies, however.  A Kaiser Foundation study published in 2015 found that 1 in 5 female students are victims of rape, and that sexual assault is one of the most common crimes on America’s college campuses.


Frank Casale is writer, academic, and investigator of all things odd.