Sisters Abandoned As Children Find Each Other After 54 Years

Most of us grew up with the saying that there’s at least one person in the world exactly like us. That is the story of Tammy Makram and Liz Kellner. Aside from being the spitting image of each other, these sisters could complete each other’s sentences and converse all too easily, as though one knows what the other would say before she says it.

It is okay to accept this as normal until you hear that for over 50 years each sister didn’t know the other existed!

In 1961, Tammy was dumped at a hospital. She was wrapped in a blanket and left inside a cardboard box by her parents. Four years later, the same parents left Liz at a Laundromat. While both women eventually found loving families that took them in, they didn’t know of each other. Tammy set the ball rolling when she wondered about her origins. Using, she found out all about her sister and family history.

When the two sisters reunited, there was a special bond, as though they’d known each other forever.

Tammy says:

“It was like having a twin four years younger than me,”

“We share such a special bond.”

It’s so nice that they managed to find each other after such a long time.


Watch here:

Video Courtesy: abc News via Little Things


Featured Image: Guillermo Alonso Via Flickr Under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

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