The Simpsons Celebrate Alan Rickman And David Bowie In The Same Episode!

Alan Rickman was featured in a 2013 episode of “The Simpsons,” with a David Bowie song playing in the background. The clip in which Rickman (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) was featured, was a spoof of the movie “Love Actually,” in which Alan Rickman played a husband who was contemplating infidelity. The movie also features the song “All The Young Dudes” written by David Bowie.

It is worth noting that both Bowie and Rickman died of cancer the same week, aged 69.

The Simpsons is known to be an odd family cartoon. Perhaps it’s weirdness is even more pronounced as it has aired some almost prophetic episodes with coincidences about the future.

One episode predicted the presidency of Donald Trump, while another predicted a Star Wars film and Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, opening the same weekend.

Weird coincidences, right?

Whatever your thoughts on these are – binge-watching previous episodes of The Simpsons may not be a bad idea after all.


Watch the tribute here:


Featured Image Credit: Stephanie Via Flickr Under Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivs 2.0 Generic

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