Look Closely. Notice Anything New About Jeb Bush?

Former Florida governor and sagging presidential candidate Jeb Bush has taken on a new tactic for trying to increase his depressing poll numbers. He’s following fashion advice and removing his eyeglasses.

Here is Jeb, sans eyeglasses, a move that is clearly a very desperate ploy to try to increase his poll numbers.

In October, the candidate who will never win shared that he’s been given a lot of advice about how to do things differently, including removing his glasses. From CNN:

“You know ‘do this, do that, be different,” the Republican presidential candidate said, mimicking suggestions of consultants. “Whatever it is, there’s all sorts of advice. It’s well intended. I’m not being critical. There’s a lot of it.”

The advice is probably well-intentioned. After all, no president since Harry Truman has worn glasses full-time. Short-sighted advisers probably think that if no president has worn glasses, that’s probably a good reason to not wear glasses. That said, Jeb was practical for once, saying:

“I can’t see without glasses,” Bush said with exasperation, drawing laughs from the audience as he spoke at a town hall in Lebanon, New Hampshire. “I’m not going to take off my stinking glasses.”

He later shared that his “committees” may have advised him to remove his glasses because they look weird in combination with his bushy eyebrows. He’s not worried, though.

“I mean we have committees formed to deal with this. I have people all across the country worried about how I look,” he added with sarcasm. “I think I look pretty damn good.”

Seems he’s ignoring his mom’s advice on all counts, not just on wearing his eyeglasses. After all, a few years ago, she said that he shouldn’t run for president, stating “we’ve had enough Bushes.” And now? He’s going against her advice to “be himself.”

“Barbara Bush is behind me—the looming figure that all children have—and she’s about ready to whack me across the head if I try to be something I’m not,” he said.

Right. Because “being themselves” has been so successful for politicians in the Bush family and for this country.


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