WATCH: Viral Video Of Three-Letter Word All Strangers Used To Describe Their Biggest Regret

Can you guess which three-letter word all strangers used to describe their biggest regret when asked to write it down on a chalkboard placed on a street in New York City? Strayer University’s experiment is a lesson for us all to learn.

Sadly, most of us carry regrets of things we should have done or said, but simply didn’t. How many times have we let fear of failure hold us back, or our bad self-esteem tell us we we’re not good enough? And later, how often haven’t we realized how the easiest decision at the time, has ended up being the hardest one to live with in the long run.

People in New York did not regret not driving an expensive car, or not living in a specific neighborhood. Instead, what they wrote on the chalkboard was things like not applying to med school, not following an artistic passion, and playing it safe.

So let Strayer University’s video inspire us not to regret what we didn’t do, but to embrace everyday as an opportunity to do the things we will never regret. Or to quote a commenter on Life Buzz:

“Get rid of the ’NOTS’ in your life.”

Watch it here and see for yourself:

Video by Strayer University on Youtube. Permission to use under Creative Commons.

Featured image screen cap from Strayer University’s video on Youtube. Permission to use under Creative Commons.