Bill Clinton Channels Meryl Streep Stumping For Hillary: ‘We’re All Mixed-Race People’ (VIDEO)

It appears former-president Bill Clinton is taking a page from Meryl Streep’s book with his latest statement. The former leader of the “free world” once referred to as the “first black president” for pulling a large percentage of the black vote just stated “we are all-mixed race people” while stumping for his wife, Hillary Clinton, at a rally in Memphis, Tennessee, echoing Streep’s #OscarsSoWhite statement that “we are all African.”

Clinton told the audience:

“The other thing I want to make a funny comment about is Steve Cohen’s remark that I was just a stand-in for the first black president. I’m happy to do that, but you know what else we learned from the human genome? We learned that unless your ancestors, every one of you, are 100 percent, 100 percent from sub-Saharan Africa, we are all mixed-race people.”

Clinton pushed the democratic party line when he said President Barack Obama did “a better job than he has gotten credit for,” considering the economic recovery the country has seen recently, but he was critical of Obama’s failure, as he sees it, to get Washington out of its partisan stalemate.

Clinton stated:

“A lot of people say you don’t understand, it’s rigged now. Yeah, it’s rigged now because you don’t have a president that’s a change-maker.”

That’s quite a jab at President Obama, considering his campaign slogan was “Change.”

Likely, Clinton was implying to the audience that his wife, Hillary, is just the candidate to break up that gridlock in Washington like a laser to a tumor. After all, he did say Hillary is “the best change-maker I’ve ever known… She’s always making something good happen.”

Maybe, maybe not. One has little doubt that Hillary knows how to grease political wheels, however. She’s been in the game long enough to know how to play ball.

Check out the video, below:

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.