Election 2016: Where To Vote In Your Neighborhood

A valuable online resource exists for first-time voters, voters who are new to their neighborhoods since the last time they voted, or anyone who hasn’t voted in awhile. With all the changes to the rules and polling places, this is a resource for every voter to save and share.

Vote411.org is a one-stop site to ensure your participation in the crucial, upcoming presidential election. Visitors can enter their home address to find the nearest available polling place in their area.

2016-02-14 10_35_06-Vote411.org _ Vote411.org
Screenshot via Vote411.org homepage

Visitors can also register to vote if their state allows online registration. There’s even a link to click to find out if this is allowed in their state.

2016-02-14 10_34_10-Register to Vote _ Vote411.org
Screenshot via Vote411.org registration page
2016-02-14 10_34_35-Register to Vote _ Vote411.org
Be sure to click the hyperlinked words “Learn more” to find out if your state offers online registration. Screenshot via Vote411.org registration page

Visitors can also learn more about issues around voting in their particular state on such topics as voter ID requirements, early voting, types of machines used by their polling place, and dates when voting will be allowed.

2016-02-14 10_33_43-Search by State & Topic _ Vote411.org
Screenshot via Vote411.org Search-by-Topic page

If you know someone who needs this information, this is an easy and clearly-explained way for them to find it. If you need the information for yourself, please read it! In our state primaries and especially in November, we must vote and ensure that others who may have difficulties also get a chance to vote.

Happy Election Year!