Latest Poll Shows Trump Leading By 22 Points In South Carolina

According to a recent online poll, Donald Trump is getting ready to stroll into South Carolina bigger than the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man while his conservative competitors for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination flee beneath his political boots like a meteor’s fixing to make planet Earth fit B.o.B.’s theory—flat and full of shit.

Of course, anyone on the left would tell you Trump’s competitors in the presidential race are full of a less than savory fertilizer, and they wouldn’t be the least bit afraid to lump Trump right in there with them, like that worm-eaten ear of political corn conservatives have been chomping on the last thirty or more years. Hell, they raised it themselves, and now here it is, staring back at them with a 22-point lead from a garish bowl like Snow White’s magical mirror. Still and regardless, they are reluctant to admit what it is they see before them—even if it does stand out with an arrogant authority.

And according to CBS News’ “Battleground Tracker” released Sunday morning, Trump stands out, and the South Carolina primary is just around the corner. Trump ranks in at 42 percent while his runner-up, Ted Cruz, is pulling a mere 20 percent. Rubio snagged 15 percent and Ohio Gov. Jon Kasich won 9 percent.

It’s interesting to note that though Cruz pulls in his numbers by appealing to a wide spectrum of conservatives who consider themselves “very conservative,” Trump appeals to a great deal more potential voters—those who consider themselves “moderate conservatives.” Perhaps that is due to the fact that the Republican Party has shifted so far to the right. Those who consider themselves “very conservative” in this climate, one would hope, would find themselves in the minority.

Of course, Trump is also amped up by a large anti-establishment sentiment looming over the 2016 presidential election. It isn’t a coincidence that many Trump supporters say they also find Bernie Sanders appealing. People are looking for a different sort of politician these days, if only to see if there may, perhaps, be a better way for the country to find its way “forward.” It’s no different in South Carolina, where The Hill states there is a “four-to-one margin describing the ‘establishment’ as a bad thing.”

Merely 11 percent of those who responded to the poll in South Carolina believe politicians currently in office know how to run the country properly. Compare that to a whopping 45 percent who think the current yahoos in office couldn’t run a 100-yard dash.

Of course, polls are polls, you know, so who knows what will happen in South Carolina. Time will tell…

Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.