Little Girl BAWLING Her Eyes Out At Saying Goodbye To Obama Presidency Is Really Something To See

As the reality of President Obama’s last term coming to an end sinks in for some of us the prospects of saying goodbye to America’s first black president and liberal icon can hit us right in the feels—hard.

Take Caprina D. Harris’ granddaughter, for instance. As Harris points out in her Facebook post, where the viral video was originally posted, being shared more than 5,000 times in the last few days, and garnering nearly 4,000 comments, Obama has been this young girl’s president her entire life. All her life she’s had a black president, and now she has to say goodbye. It’s simply too much for her. Take a look at the endearing, and all too humorous video, below:

Just as The Root’s Yesha Callahan points out, “This will be a lot of people in a couple of months,” one cannot deny there will be many people crying to see Obama go. Some will be crying tears of sorrow, some regret, and yes, even some of joy. It’s no secret Obama’s faced a plethora of haters since gaining office, and he’s only gaining more as his presidency winds down by growing more and more liberally bold–one might say, as bold as most liberals wished it had been from the start, hence the tears of regret.

Of course, conservatives currently crying tears of joy at the prospects of the White House no longer hosting the Obamas may soon find those tears turning right on over to tears of sorrow should the likes of Bernie Sanders become the next president. From the sounds of it, they may be just as sorrowful at the prospects of a Trump presidency, as well, crying heartily for the good old days of “Change,” before America as made “great” again and Donald Trump ruled the land like the Queen of Hearts.

Featured image composite by Caprina D. Harris via Facebook video screen capture / Pimkie via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.