Ivanka Trump And Chelsea Clinton Are BFFs. Here Is How The Campaign Is Affecting Their Friendship

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are best known as the daughters of political rivals, but they are actually friends, too. Trump and Clinton’s friendship spans several years. They’ve been photographed together over the years at special events.

It would make sense that these famous offspring would be friends. Clinton, 35 and Trump, 34, grew up in the same circles. The daughters of wealthy and famous families, their friendship pool was limited, and thus their paths were likely to cross.

They are also both mothers. Clinton’s daughter, Charlotte was born in 2014. Trump is a mother to Arabella, 5, and Joseph, 2.

So, how is the current campaign, pitting Chelsea’s mother against Ivanka’s father affecting their friendship. It appears as though the two famous daughters have mostly stayed out of it.

In June Ivanka retweeted a post Chelsea made, while Chelsea Sang the younger Trump praises in Vogue in February, calling her beautiful and charismatic. The offspring of the famous politicos haven’t been quiet about their respective parents’ campaigns, however, they’ve stopped at the mud slinging that is being seen.

Chelsea, when speaking of her mother, noted her mother’s vision and desire to make the best decisions she can for the nation. She made no mention of her mother’s rival in any of her statements.

Ivanka has taken the same road. She’s spoken highly of her father, and the role he’s played in the life of herself and her siblings, but she was careful not to mention Clinton during her public comments.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two leading presidential candidates have made no bones about their distaste for one another, although Trump has been seemingly more outspoken. They’ve crossed paths and minced words throughout the lead up to the presidential elections and such meetings don’t appear to be slowing down as the race heats up.

Whether or not Chelsea and Ivanka will continue to stay out of it remains to be seen, and only time will tell if their friendship will prevail.

Image credit: tagessplegel.de