There’s A New Bernie Action Figure—And It’s Going CRAZY

After pushing out a successful Kickstarter last year to create and distribute Hillary Clinton action figures, Brooklyn-based product design company, FCTRY is at it again. Despite having promised their loyalty, and previous action figure donations, to the Clinton campaign, they are now Kickstarting a Bernie Sanders action figure, and fans are loving it.

Mike Leavitt, the artist behind the sculpt for Hillary’s figure has been brought back to bring Bernie to the small scale. The tiny senator is carefully crafted, right down to the tufts of his hair. According to the Kickstarter Page, FCTRY hopes to “put the fun back in fundraiser,” by setting up a website following the conclusion of the Kickstarter to track donations made to both campaigns in a plastic primary. For each action figure sold, FCTRY will donate $1 to the delegate’s campaign.

Reward levels for backers run all the way from $1 to $100, with different quantities of the Bernie figure available per level. Feeling indecisive? At the $40 level you get the Full Ticket Package, one Bernie figure and one Hillary figure. If even that isn’t enough progressive democracy, for $80 President Obama’s action figure will also make an appearance. Just can’t get enough Bernie? Pledges of $100 get six Bernie Sanders action figures. Not sure why anyone would need so many, but FCTRY seems to know what they are doing.

They have already raised over $77,000 on Kickstarter, even though they only needed $15,000 to fund the campaign, with over 30 days still left to go. For the sake of comparison, Hillary’s action figure brought in just under $27,000 when it was Kickstarted. Even if the Bernie action figure’s popularity doesn’t translate into actual votes it’s nice to see people getting so fervently worked up over politics. Or at least, the playful aspects of politics.

Check out the oddly nostalgic ‘Bernie Join-The-Action Figure’ commercial below:

or go to Kickstarter to claim one.

Featured Image is a screen shot from the video.