Trump’s Horrible Treatment Of Media Members

Yesterday, there was another bad situation involving the media at a Trump rally when a Time magazine photographer named Chris Morris was forcibly removed from a Trump rally in Virginia. He was violently thrown to the ground by Trump’s security team. According to CNN, he was thrown to the ground in a choke hold, was briefly detained by police, and then was later released. This is not the first time member of the media was removed from one of Trump’s rallies.

The Secret Service has responded saying that they are investigating the incident. Chris had stepped just outside of the press section to photograph some “Black Lives Matter” protesters, according to Time. Trump’s campaign has a different rule than most; he requires the press to stay in a gated area during his rallies. He also routinely heckles the press members in the pens, whereas other candidates allow the press to move about freely.

This is not the first time that the media has received ugly treatment by Donald Trump. According to CNN, Trump often calls the media “horrible” or “disgusting.” But, he is nice enough to say he won’t kill them. He hesitated saying “Uh, let’s see, uh?” and finally answered “No, I would never do that.”  Some of the people in his crowd were agreeing with him, and cheering when Morris got escorted out of the rally.

Another journalist Trump has clashed horns with is Megyn Kelly from Fox News. They have had a feud going on for several months now. After one of the debates, he remarked that she was asking him hard questions and blamed it on “blood coming out of her wherever.” Trump tried to demand to have Kelly removed from a subsequent debate. When Fox News wouldn’t, Trump just pulled out of the last Republican debate. At the first GOP debate in August, Megyn asked Trump if he has the temperament to be President. She cited times when he’s called women “dogs,” “slobs,”and “disgusting animals.”

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