This Sick B*st*rd Needs To Be Picked Up By The Ears And Swung Around

A man in Natchez, MS, Charoyd Bell, got arrested for holding puppies up by their ears and tails. He posted pictures of it online along with pictures of his dogs fighting. There is an ongoing investigation into his actions.

The FBI has just started a new program to track down animal abusers. Animal abusers are known to go on and commit crimes of human violence. This new system may even help track future serial killers. Criminologists describe it as a “graduation effect.”

Probably one of the biggest cases of animal abuse, specifically dog fighting, is the case of Michael Vick. The Animal Legal Defense Fund says that Vick had over 50 dogs that had been trained to fight. He was taking bets on the outcomes; the purses got up to $26,000. Vick got out of federal prison in 2009, and has since worked with the Humane Society. Some wonder if he’s really reformed. He recently took a trip to Pennsylvania to support a bill that would give police officers more authority to rescue animals trapped in hot cars. He admitted that he killed the dogs that did not perform well. He never was convicted for animal cruelty, just convicted for a dogfighting conspiracy. A wrestler even challenged Vick to a pay-per-view fight, and the proceeds went to an animal charity.

Just a few months ago, the Feds arrested a man in Valdosta, GA for a multi-state dog fighting ring. They rescued 367 dogs and arrested Raymond Lee Hendrix and Willie Henderson. There are eight people from the ring that are now facing jail time; six of them are facing jail for a year. The sentences range from two months to eight years. They were estimated to have killed between 420 to 640 dogs.

I really hope the FBI is successful with tracking animal abusers. We really need more penalties for abusing animals.

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