GOP Strategist Offers Proof Donald Trump Is Not A Racist

A guest on Fox News told host Gretchen Carlson that Donald Trump is not a racist. His proof, Trump has Black friends.

During the March 2 episode of The Real Story, Carlson discussed with her two guests whether Trump can keep his promise of securing the Black vote. She wanted to discuss this issue in response to Trump’s declaration during his Super Tuesday victory speech when he stated:

We’re going to do great with the African Americans. And you see that in the polls…The reason is, I’m going to bring jobs back.

Carlson then turned to Gianno Caldwell and asked him whether Trump will do better with the Black community than the other GOP presidential hopefuls.

Caldwell, a former Republican County Director of African-American Outreach for the state of Illinois, responded to Carlson by stating:

“Well, first, let me clear up some confusion, because there seems to be some confusion about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not racist. He has Black friends; he’s in good shape.”

Caldwell needs to be more careful with the words that he uses. Just because you have Black friends, does not automatically alleviate you from being a racist.

Fortunately, Leslie Marshall, a liberal syndicated radio talk-show host, understands that it is not only in the words Trump speaks, but the actions he takes that makes him a racist. Marshall interjected the following insight:

From the Central Park Five to not knowing who David Duke is — disavowing him or the KKK — security [at Trump rallies] throwing out African-American students in the South. Okay, if Donald Trump isn’t racist, what is that?

Yes, Mr. Caldwell, Trump may have Black friends, but Trump’s record indicates that he is at the very least dismissive of issues that matter to the Black community.

Watch the exchange here: 


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