Here Is The REAL Winner At The Polls

Oh, snap! It happened for real!

Americans nervous about a Trump win made “Move to Canada” spike on Google search, and may have crashed the Government of Canada’s immigration website.

Of course, we don’t have proof that those two things are connected, but… ya know… seems like a pretty big coincidence… I know I would be looking to see if I were eligible to move to Canada with Trump as a front-runner for a presidential nominee. I’d be sweating bullets!

Trump’s rise in the GOP has been baffling to many, although perhaps it shouldn’t be after decades and decades of cutting education funding. Trump has raised people’s hackles and their eyebrows with his hateful rhetoric and ignorant behavior. Most pundits and commentors figured his campaign would burn itself out as he ran out of arrogant idiots and bigots to support him. But he proved to have more staying power than anyone could have predicted.

Screencap from Google Trends.
Screencap from Google Trends.

Now that Trump’s shown that he (and his supporters) are not going away, Americans are left to consider their options. What was once a horrible, horrible joke at the expense of idiotic rednecks is now a terrifying reality that Americans must face.

Folks like Romney, Ryan, Boehner, and Ron and Rand Paul (not to mention Dubya and Cheney) have paved the way for the complete de-evolution of conservative political discourse in America. And now, here we are.

So here’s a quick run-down of what you can expect being an immigrant to Canada: we have government-funded healthcare and education up to grade 12. You may pay higher taxes (probably not much). Some guns, but mostly hunting rifles. More centrism, and less nut-bag-ery (although every country has its crazies!).

All in all, a pretty good place to live. But you better hurry if you want to immigrate before the mass exodus when Trump’s the GOP candidate!

Featured image is by ankakay, available under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.