Cranky Kid Shoots His Family For Waking Him Up For School

Growing up, some days, I hated waking up and getting ready for school.  I just didn’t feel like engaging in the drudgery of getting dressed and going to a place I really didn’t want to be. I would kill to have been able to stay in bed just one day.

In Nashville, TN, a 16-year-old boy woke up feeling the same way I used to feel.  But he attempted to kill his family in an effort to avoid going to school.

This kid shot his grandmother—twice. He also shot his 12-year-old sister and his 6-year-old nephew.

According to CBS, the suspect’s mother and grandmother attempted to wake him up and get him to school but he would not cooperate.  When he finally did get up, he grabbed a handgun and began shooting, injuring three family members.  He then fled from his home and ditched the gun at a nearby apartment complex. The police finally found him walking near some train tracks and took him into custody. The family apparently does not own a gun and it is still a mystery how the teen came to possess it.

The teen had some previous behavioral issues at school and was attending an alternative school for students with more severe behavior and discipline needs.  It is obvious this kid has some problems, but there is no way the family saw this coming.  His fate now lies in the hands of the justice system. What happens next is dependent on several factors and there are a number of possible outcomes for this young man including the possibility of spending the remainder of his life in prison.

There are so many other ways this story could have ended. But, as it now stands, another family has been torn apart and traumatized by a senseless act of violence… just to avoid going to school.

Featured Image is by husin.sani, available under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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