Egomaniac Trump Is Already Using Taxpayer Money For Self-Promotion

Trump has been saying for months that he is self-funding his campaign. He just loves to rub in the fact that he’s rich and saying that he is not depending on donations and super PACs.

Sunday afternoon, Trump held a rally here in Madison, Alabama. They had to move the venue with less than 72 hours of notice. It got moved to a school football stadium from a community centre because there were so many people attending. They employed several police officers and firemen to help with security and directing traffic. They are still calculating the overtime pay for these officers. They had all of Madison city police, some Huntsville city troopers. There were around 80 law enforcement officers and 25,000 attendees.

The mayor of Madison says it is just like any other event that takes place in the city. Not only was there overtime for the officers, but there was a cleaning crew working on the field Monday morning; people were worried about damage to the field. Trump’s camp paid $10,000 to rent the stadium.

There were plenty of protesters at the rally. There was a group of Mexican Americans picketing about Trump’s racist speeches. Veteran groups showed up to protest against his anti-Muslim rhetoric. The groups were removed from the stadium.

This is not the only incident of cities having to pay for his rallies.

His rally in Mobile in August spent more than $16,000 was spent in police overtime and buses to transport people to the rally. Trump’s campaign spent about $5,120 on the buses. The city spent $7,430 in police overtime and $8,125 on renting buses from three transportation companies. City officials think that Mobile should ask Trump’s campaign to foot the bill, but it’s not likely to happen. A Mobile City Council member Fred Richardson says he might write a letter to the Trump campaign himself.

Photo by Gage Skidmore, available under Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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