Pastor Shot Down Outside Own Church 1 Day After Delivering Invocation At Ted Cruz Rally (VIDEO)

Just one day after delivering the invocation at a Ted Cruz rally, in Idaho, a local pastor was gunned down outside his own church, Sunday, in Coeur d’Alene. So far, however, local law officials have yet to link the shooting to any sort political motive, though the true motive is still under investigation.

Coeur d’Alene authorities say Pastor Tim Remington was discovered around 2 p.m. local time suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in the church parking lot. Remington was shot in the shoulder, lung and back, but has since undergone surgery and his condition has thankfully stabilized.

Remington said at the opening of the Cruz rally, Saturday:

“We’ve been waiting for somebody who represented God for a long time. We are here to pray that God’s will be done.”

But isn’t God’s will always done, if Christianity is your cup of tea? One has to wonder what an Idaho pastor might be up to in order for “God’s will” to gun you down in the parking lot of your own church. One might even wonder the same thing about raising the will of any old person’s will enough to bother shooting someone down, let alone a pastor, and by God, no less.

Not to cast a side-eye at the victim, though, but that’s what people do. That’s what the public certainly does. Just read the comments of any newspaper anywhere and you’ll see that most anyone who gets shot down like Pastor Remington did will be implicated in the courtroom of public opinion largely via guilt by association.

Pastors aren’t known for being shot down in broad daylight like that. Remington, while the victim, is definitely going to be catching some of the public’s scrutiny, and that is not going to help Ted Cruz’s struggling campaign in the slightest. It begs the question, “What kind of people does Ted Cruz associate himself with? Here he has this ‘wholesome’ pastor give the invocation for good old Christian Ted, and now that pastor’s gone and gotten himself gunned down, at his own church no less?”

Granted, the pastor may be entirely innocent and the victim of random violence for all anyone knows at this time, but the public only hearing about it all will still wonder, and question, and leer in Remington’s direction, and that’s not going to work for Ted Cruz’s campaign–not at all.

At this time, authorities believe 30-year-old Kyle Andrew Odom to be Remington’s attacker. They are currently in the process of issuing an arrest warrant for the 6-foot-tall, 170-pound, blonde hair, blue-eyed man, and consider him, as they say, “armed and dangerous.”

It would be interesting to know if Cruz sent Remington a get well card, wouldn’t it?

Featured image by Redoubt News via YouTube video screen capture.