This Video On How To Lose Weight Starts Off Great, Then Goes CRAZY

What begins as another how-to video about losing weight turns into an entire short comedy film about a guy overcoming heartbreak.

Instead of four steps on how to lose weight, viewers really only get about two and a half steps – and a story about a man recovering from losing his girlfriend by trying not to feel depressed and becoming a gym rat.

Yet, Aaron Bleyaert’s “How to Lose Weight in Four Easy Steps” is a short and satirical view about a man’s insecurities after getting dumped. Starring Saturday Night Live’s Beck Bennett, the video runs the gamut of emotions can be identified by guys who have fallen into such a situation. It even has a good moral if you are patient enough.

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What makes the video interesting is that the first couple of steps on the subject matter of how to lose weight actually sound really good and informative. Whether they are accurate as another thing. For example, the beer equals bread tip actually depends on the cup of beer size. Though they come across more as tips and aren’t connected, they are given quickly and seem practical.

Then, all of a sudden less than 30 seconds in, the video jumps the tracks and takes you into the short story. Suddenly, it is viewing a man’s broken heart and his struggles to recover after that. At this point, the purpose of the video becomes apparent and it involves into a guy describing, at a fast clip, what happens through a particularly trying time in which many a man has gone through.

Along the way, you might even notice a cameo by Conan O’Brien.

However, the video hits close to home because it is said Bleyaert really went through the story mentality in describing how he lost 80 pounds. So the video story is comical, yet somehow real at the same time. There is even some truth to the correlation of losing weight and suffering through a break-up.

It may not be typical and pragmatic way on how to lose weight, but the video certainly delivers a point in making what typically would be a difficult period in a man’s life into a satirical one.


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