‘ET Come Home:’ Saucer Shipped Across Arizona Desert

Folks travelling in Arizona Friday saw a saucer-shaped object being transported along the highway. It was sitting on the bed of an 18-wheeler and being escorted by two other trucks from the Department of Public Safety.

The object had tarps covering it, but you can still definitely see that it is some kind of saucer-shaped object. Charlene Yazzie posted the photo on Facebook and the speculation began. People were calling it a UFO and saying “ET Came Home.”

The Department of Public Safety declined to say what it is; they just said “it looks interesting.” We’ll see what the Men In Black say, or they will use their ray gun and none of us will remember.

This is not the first time Arizona has dealt with UFOs. Phoenix is home to the Annual International UFO Congress. The conference has many experts in the field talking about their findings. It also has many believers taking part in discussion of UFO sightings and government conspiracies.

This story comes in about a month after the CIA released declassified papers on UFO sightings in the 1940s and 1950s. The CIA broke the files down in “Mulder” and “Scully” cases.

For those of us that lie on the “Mulder” side of things, there is a case of a sighting in Germany in 1952. Eyewitnesses at the time said that it looked as though frying pans were flying across the sky. They landed in a field nearby. A man said that got closer to the landing said that he saw two men wearing metallic suits. They got scared of the witnesses there and drove away quickly in their ship.

If you are interested in these UFO cases, visit this CIA blog. They have some that would appeal to both the “Mulders” and the “Scullys” out there.

Featured image contributed by Charlene Yazzie.

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