Watch: Artist Paints Donald Trump With Her Breasts For Charity (VIDEO)

It looks for all the world as if Republican frontrunner and likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s sickening rhetoric can’t get much worse, and it’s got Democrats and Republicans alike on edge. Maybe this weird news will help take your mind off of the rhetoric, the protests, and the violence.

Trump’s rhetoric actually inspired something beautiful for a change – an acrylic painting of Trump that will be auctioned off, with some of the proceeds of the auction being donated to charity.

Truly Original Trump

Made by Aimee Davison for her series on YouTube, Davison said she decided to paint Trump when she figured out he was the “biggest boob on the internet,” according to Daily News. Except this isn’t your average painting, or video series.

Trump's Trademark Angry Point - Screengrab of LOLPervs via
Trump’s Trademark Angry Point – Screengrab Of LOLPervs Video Via

She depicts Trump and his “sausage fingers” in all their glory, in acrylic – complete with his trademarked angry gesture of clenched fist with the upward pointing finger seemingly balancing the world on that pointer. She did it with her breasts.

Documenting each breast stroke in a video called Sexperiments #29 (NSFW), Davison narrates while painting what she calls Trump’s “flaxen reverse mullet,” after which she finishes for the day, but not before declaring the art her entry into the “talent portion of the Miss Universe pageant” that Trump owns.

Flaxen Reverse Mullate donate to charity breast painting
Flaxen Reverse Mullet – Screengrab Of LOLPervs Video Via

No, Davison isn’t just another crazed Trump groupie or a social media hack trying to get her 15 minutes of fame (Kim Davis anyone?).

Davison is actually a semi-well known satirist, model, media pundit and, according to her short biography, produces videos on the LOLPervs (NSFW) YouTube channel, where this latest breast painting video is hosted as part of her Sexperiments series.

This one resides alongside a variety of interesting, gross, and downright funny experiments that tend to challenge what society thinks of as “normal,” or “expected,” many of which are definitely NSFW.

For Fun And Charity

The finished product is actually damn good considering the medium and tools used. Before she starts the session, Davison announces she’s decided to auction off the painting to the highest bidder and donate half of the proceeds to – you guessed it – a breast cancer charity.

What’s ironic is that Davison promises to donate the proceeds to Trump’s favorite breast cancer charity – even though he seems to hate women and boobs as much as liberals hate him. He’s been known to be downright mean to breastfeeding women, even called the perfectly natural act of feeding a baby “disgusting.”

He often objectifies women and their breasts, but denigrates those who aren’t as endowed as others. He’s a typical narcissistic misogynist.

Although Davison listed the acrylic painting’s fair market value price as “priceless,” of course, the minimum bid is $10 and the buyer is responsible for all shipping fees. The highest bid on the online auction site 32Auctions is $360 as of the time of publishing. According to the auction, bidding ends on March 16 at 12 noon EST.

This isn’t the first strange artwork depicting Trump, either. There’s that NSFW oil painting of what Illma Gore calls her imagination of nude Trump come to life, complete with a “micropenis,” or what the Internet lovingly calls Trump’s “baby dick.”

We certainly can’t forget about the satirical digital painting of Trump made from “dick pics,” and the painting of Trump in menstrual blood called, “#BloodyTrump.”

Both the Republican and Democratic parties would likely agree that supporters and non-supporters of are passionate about Trump, but whether you agree or not, you’ve got to admit Trump is good at inspiring some normally sane people to do some really strange things.

Please note: The following video may be NSFW, and some people may find it disturbing and/or not suitable for younger viewers. As such, viewer discretion is advised.

Featured Image: Screengrab via