Rep. John Lewis Has A Response To Trump And It Wins The Internet

It seems the end is not in sight for the constant bashing reserved specially for GOP candidate, Donald Trump.

The latest attack was launched by long-time civil rights leader and Georgia congressman, John Lewis.

Rep. Lewis delivered a painful blow to Trump on March 12, following the latter’s declaration that his supporters should violently confront protesters at his presidential campaign rallies.

The Georgia congressman tweeted his comment directly to Trump in a deliberate attempt to condemn not just his words, but also his affinity for controversy.

In a direct attack that didn’t leave anything to chance or open up the possibility of his meaning being mistaken, Rep. Lewis asked Trump a very simple question:

This of course prompted a few other responses which seem to reaffirm that Trump prefers to stir the hornet’s nest than allow peace reign.

And then this:

However, not wanting to end his tweets on a sour note, Rep. Lewis tweeted this uplifting message to the rest of us:

We really do not want discord or violence for that matter, and that’s a fact.

The question: “Have you no sense of decency?” was made popular by Joseph Welch, chief counsel for the United States Army in his response to Senator Joe McCarthy in a 1954 hearing. McCarthy saw communists under every American bed then, the same way Trump sees every Muslim as terrorists now.

Birds of a feather?

Watch the clip below:

For the exchange in text and on mp3, see here.

Image Credit: Jean Ann Esselink via The New Civil Rights Movement

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