‘Trump Has Tiny Hands’ PAC Forced To Change Its Name

The political action committee “Trump Has Tiny Hands” must call itself something else after the Federal Election Committee ordered it to be changed on Monday.

The Federal Elections Commission took issue with the title because it used Donald Trump’s name without his OK.

The Portland, Ore.,-based PAC has already come up with a new name: Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands.

Political organizer Henry Kraemer, the PAC’s creator, told the Williamette Week he has since filed new paperwork with the FEC.

“Unlike tiny-handed fraud Donald Trump, we have respect for America’s laws,” he said.

Trump responded to the PAC on Twitter, calling them “Pathetic losers.” The PAC then responded back with the following:

The PAC also created a website titled www.donaldtrumphastinyhands.com. It features a link to a Portland-area news story done about them recently. The PAC also has started the hashtag #ReleaseTheMeasurements. It hopes that the hashtag will get them more television exposure.

The Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC took its name from recent insults tossed at Trump by Marco Rubio. During a recent campaign stop, Rubio claimed the billionaire has “small hands.” He then implied that it extends to other parts of Trump’s body.

Trump came back with, “I’ve always had people say ‘Donald you have the most beautiful hands.” He’s also claimed that there’s ‘no problems’ with his penis size during a recent debate.

The hands insult originated from writer Graydon Carter. He wrote that Trump was a “short fingered vulgarian,” in Spy Magazine back in the 1980s. Trump reportedly took major offense to it.

Carter has claimed Trump continues to mail him magazine photos with his hands circled in gold Sharpie. He said the most recent one came last year.

Featured image courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons under this Creative Commons License