Governor Snyder Is A Liar! Flint Boy’s Drawing Declares

Following the debacle that trails the Flint water crisis, many are making what they will of the whole situation. From all indications, it’s bound to get messier and many are calling out Gov. Snyder on his stance with regard to the crisis. Some have called him ‘wicked’, and some say he is a liar and deserves some time in jail.  However, one portrayal of the crisis stands out – that of 10-year old Iain MacIntyre.

An illustration of the 10-year old from Genesee County city drawn just in time for Governor Snyder’s testimony before the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday has gone viral, not just because the 10-year old has done a cool job of assessing the situation that profoundly, but also because he has bluntly stated that Governor Snyder is a liar.

The pencil drawing posted on Twitter by Flint area activist Nayyirah Shariff depicts a faceless stick figure with a huge quote balloon featuring a single word repeated in three columns and four rows. The word – “lie” was written twelve times.

The AFL-CIO reports that Iain, his brother Broghan, and his mother Laura, a University of Michigan-Flint lecturer, headed to Washington, D.C., on Thursday to follow proceedings along with other families affected by the crisis.

Shariff says of the drawing that caused the internet to stand still and pay attention:

In a post by, titled: “America’s most biting editorial cartoonist,” the site spoke in even more glowing terms of the artwork, suggesting the 10-year old deserves a Pulitzer Prize which honors excellence in journalism and the arts.

The author – Andy Cush wrote:

“Pulitzer board, take note: It’s not too late to award MacIntyre this year’s cartooning prize.”

Nayyirah Shariff then went ahead to post another “masterpiece” by young Iain MacIntyre:


From all indications, do you think Governor Snyder is a liar as young Iain depicted?

Featured Image Credit: Nayyirah Shariff via Twitter

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