Christian Mom Takes Internet By Storm With Anti-Trans Rap (VIDEO)

A woman from Alberta has become the ire of the Internet for an anti-trans rap video. Seriously, she raps and it’s just as horrifying as it is hilarious.

MH Wiebe¬†uploaded her track, entitled “Gender Bender,” to the Internet just a couple of weeks ago in response to Alberta schools adopting legislation that required bathrooms accommodate transgender students by allowing them to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

The “concerned mom” of three spends three minutes performing a “rap” so vile, in subject matter and in skill, the denizens of the Internet could not help but voice their concern that MH Wiebe’s video even happened. Since the original upload had comments disabled, for obvious reasons, a couple of YouTube users uploaded the video to their pages, lit the troll beacon, and opened the gates.

“This is why the rest of Canada hates Alberta. You’re our Texas. Our shame.” — Purple Monkey

“My vomit just vomited.” — Rand0m411

“Your voice is cancer.” — Eroton

“Mic drop. Looks like the liberals just got pwned.” — Dusty Nesmith

internet video anti-trans alberta
Screengrab via YouTube.

Lyrically, “Gender Bender” sounds less like genuine concern and more like an off-key rant composed by Pat Robertson or Kim Davis laid over an instrumental ripped from a Natalie Imbruglia album. The whole thing drowns in a sea of ignorance.

“Come on, come on, what’s all the fuss
Over transgender washrooms we discuss?
Is this really, really such the issue
To focus and put our taxes to?
Can we focus rather on educating
Rather than mere facilitating?
We should stop and calculate the cost
While teachers jobs take cuts and loss
Are there six, perhaps, 13 in essence
Children in Alberta who switch gender pretense
No, this is not the issue
To legislate or to pursue?”

But for as bad as the verses are — and they get worse, especially when she goes on about how offspring in the animal kingdom “keep their gender in the wild” — the choruses, which shed the poor flow for “singing” like a smashed person doing bad karaoke, just push this track over the edge.

“This is just a fender bender
All over sex and gender
Can we pick another issue
Than to change our bathrooms for a few?”

“This is just a fender bender
All over sex and gender
Why make reality skewed
And create identity confused?”

“This is just a fender bender
All over sex and gender
What about our destiny?
Can we bring back stability?”

In keeping with the motif of recreating bad 90’s pop songs, MH Wiebe goes on an repetitive, anthemic tangent at the end, complete with fist pumping, because it’s not like this video wasn’t bad enough already.

“Seize the day, seize the day
Fathers and mothers begin to pray
Seize the day, seize the day
Speak up for children in this way”

Give this woman a Grammy.

“Gender Bender” is tragic, both in its composition and in its message. If I’m being honest, I haven’t felt this horrible after watching an ideologically-driven train wreck since that one time I watched a white, middle-age pastor and his white, middle-age wife rap about how Jesus was their nigga.”

For the love of God, don’t click that link. Instead, feel my pain.

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