‘My 4-Year-Old Gets Jacked Up To Target Shoot’ — Idiot Gun Activist Shot In Back By Son (VIDEO)

Say hello to Floridian Jamie Gilt, a 31-year-old gun nut who has posted pictures with her children and guns.

From CNN:

On her personal Facebook page, Gilt once bragged about her son: “Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22.”

She had been training her four-year-old in shooting. Yes, you read that right, FOUR YEARS OLD!

She had the gun LOADED and READY TO SHOOT in her purse! It was under her seat while she was driving and it slid out across the floor board. Her four-year-old son picked it up and shot her in the back with it. A sheriff patrol car was nearby when the incident happened, and he helped get Jamie to the hospital. Child welfare services are now investigating the incident.

Jamie Gilt, via Facebook

In case that doesn’t make you ill enough, she is only being charged with a misdemeanor negligence charge. She is facing 180 days in jail. Her toddler got a hold of a gun. He could’ve easily killed her or himself; there needs to be more of a penalty for something this serious.

This incident brings up another question. How young is too young to learn to shoot a gun? There is a consensus that we don’t want children using guns unsupervised. But, how young can they start taking proper gun lessons.

Smartly, many people with guns want to make sure that their child knows that it is NOT a toy and that having one and using one is a big responsibility.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a very blunt statement. The only surefire way to keep children from using guns is to not have them in the home with children. This should be common sense, but I guess it’s not.

The makers of Crickett Guns, Keystone Sporting Arms, did not get this message. They have a line of guns made for kids. Their site promotes children having guns, saying that they are safe for the whole family. How stupid do they think we are?! This idiocy has GOT to STOP!

Here’s a video.




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