Watch: Geraldo Rivera’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Performance Is The Most Awkward Thing You’ll See Today

On Monday night, viewers witnessed a most awkward moment when Fox News personality Gerardo Rivera was thrust into the spotlight. In season 22 premiere of “Dancing With The Stars”, his performance was anything but awesome and judge Bruno Tonioli openly made that clear to him, with a dose of humor added.

Judge Tonioli started cracking us up when he commented on Rivera’s Cha Cha performance with pro dance partner Edyta Sliwinska:

“Geraldo, very cunning strategy. You went minimalistic,”

”Don’t give away too much too soon … Maybe you’re going to dance next week, yeah?”

We know what that means; hey dude, you’re out!

Not wanting to be outdone by Tonioli,  fellow judge Carrie Ann Inaba also had a go at Rivera’s apparently rigid body and dance movements, adding for good measure:

“We’ve got to loosen up the joints, get the hips moving.”

At least, that was a nice way fo telling Rivera he’s a very bad dancer.

Geraldo Rivera, not wanting to be left out of the fun, accepted the judgments in good faith, definitely agreeing with the assessment that emphatically labeled his performance as ‘awkward’. This much he admitted to Fox411 backstage at “Dancing With the Stars”.

He also said he thought he didn’t do too well.

“I was awful — but I had a good time.”

To add another dimension, he stated that an earlier injury impacted his dancing capabilities.

“I have one dead foot. I had back surgery that killed my foot,” he said. “I don’t have any feeling in my right foot.”

This definitely means that no matter the amount of practice, we may never see the most of Geraldo Rivera, due to this limitation, but he was sporting about it.

Watch below and tell us what you think:


 Featured Image Credit: Via ScreenGrab

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